Class project can be started and taken throughout the semester term.

The term runs from SUNDAY JANUARY 27th – thru THURSDAY APRIL 25th 2019

Class times are:

Sunday at 1 pm;  drop in’s without an appointment.

Thursday at 6 pm; RSVP 609-898-8080 to reserve your spot.

Class fees are $20 per session, on a “pay when you attend” basis (no commitment).

If scheduled class times do not suit, Private Tutoring and Knitting Doctor Appointments are always available, contact us!

Benefits of Knitting

  • Take it With You
  • Multi-Task to Your Heart’s Content
  • Enforces Mindfulness Meditation
  • Boost Your Memory
  • Reduce Risk of Dementia
  • Slow Down, You Move Too Fast
  • Knitting as Art
  • Give Gifts that Matter
  • Build Confidence and Pride
  • Find Your Tribe
  • The Economic Equalizer
  • Take it to Etsy
  • Teach Your Children Well
  • Grandma Was Right